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At Gumnut, we are passionate about bringing people together through board games. When friends and family are gathered around the table and sharing the same experience, something magical happens. Barriers are broken and there’s an electricity in the air as everyone shares the joy, laughter, and excitement that only tabletop games can provide.

We aim to be Australia's leading online one-stop-shop for your tabletop entertainment. With a huge online selection of board games, roleplaying games, dice, miniatures, trading cards, puzzles and novelties available to choose from. Our online store currently has over 15,000 products and our range is expanding every day.

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Astra Militarum Limited Edition Catachan Colonel Raffle

We’ve got something special in store for you.

A limited edition, ace Astra Militarum Catachan Colonel.

Enter our raffle! Each $150 spent on Games Workshop products will grant you a raffle ticket

Show your love for miniature board gaming, support our store and maybe you’ll be the one to take the Colonel home!

  • Gumnut Team

Thematic Board games

Board gaming is a vast hobby, offering anything from light-hearted adult party games with minimal focus on strategy to a sophisticated and highly strategic wargame that can take up to an entire day. Just like music, movies, or video games, board games have genres and themes. In fact, a “thematic” board game is a sub-genre of its own!
  • Gumnut Team